36 Degrees!

So the other day my computer started an alarm. “BOOEEEP!! BOOEEEP!!” It started it’s own tempature alarm while doing hardly anything. I took a look down and really.. not enough fans. My bios claimed a cpu temp of 67 degrees, the alam triggered at 60, so I upped the alarm and got some fans. And after spending all night installing the fans, (I can’t put in the motherboard with the new heatsync attached – it’s freaking huge) my cpu temp is now a fine 36 degrees. =)

(And with all the fans turned down, (Yea I got a fan controler too) a cool 40 degrees.)


5 thoughts on “36 Degrees!

  1. 4, 7, 2, 3, 9, 8, 5
    I’ve got to breathe to stay alive
    and 1, 4, 2, 9, 7, 8
    Feels like I’m going to suffocate
    14, 16, 22
    The skin that turns to blister blue
    Shoulders toes and knees
    I’m 36 degrees

  2. Check the heatsink? My machine was giving me all sorts of crap about heat once- long story short, heatsink was filled with dust bunnies.

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