Chai means tea.

And this is apparently how you make it. Read the comments that go along with the instructions (forget the comments on the blog post), people get so passionate over their tea.


PS I like my milk with tea personally, Earl Gray or some sort of English Breakfast… but probably not the stuff you’d get here, it was just black tea from a tin, pitty I can’t remember it’s name. Over in england they drink it like coffee.

PSS I can’t believe I still haven’t finished posting these pictures. I don’t think I even got to half of them. This set is the british Museum.

3 thoughts on “Chai means tea.

  1. WHAT!!!!! Ok I know you said people have to ignore comments but as I’m British I think I ave a right. You NEVER EVER make tea in a microwave that’s practically sacreligious!!!! Secondly there should be no sugar anywhere near a good cup of tea, but I suppose if people have bad taste that’s there own perogative. Traditionally you shouldn’t even put milk in tea. Also Assam is not a type of English breakfast it is a strong Indian tea, the opposite of Darjeling really. English Breakfast is a mix of different teas. You really shouldn’t get me started on tea when I am sleep deprived. I will only send you to thar’ll tell you all about biscuits
    Microwave. Yuck!!!

  2. Also. You need to add a teabag to freshly boiled waterotherwise it wont brew properly. Please. NIcecupofteaandasitdown has links to the British tea council.

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