Dr. Peper of Rotterdam

Jackie Chan‘s movie Who am I? is one of Jackie’s best. Now mind you.. he makes bad movies, but they’re a lot of fun. I’d pick this one way over something like The Medallion or The Tuxedo.

The best part (Jason just pointed this one out.) is that a “Dr. A. Peper” from Rotterdam is given thanks in the credits. I think he’s the mayor or something.

I could have cracked up for hours over that.

Dr. Pepper should not be confused with Dr. A Peper. While one is a nice “tart” drink, the other is a man I know nothing about. Please don’t try drinking the man or expect the drink to run the city of Rotterdam.

One thought on “Dr. Peper of Rotterdam

  1. Thankyou for explaining the difference between the two, otherwise I would’ve never of known.

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