Sorry about the down time yesterday, I was in the middle of moving servers. So far I’ve noticed that my comment spam block broke. But let me know if you notice anything else.


4 thoughts on “Downtime

  1. I was just thinking about you yesterday and realised I hadn’t spoken or communicated in absolutely ages! Sorry about the anti-socialness. It’s nothing personal :-P I have just been really busy, well I say that but when I think about what I have acheived the answer is almost nothing! Oh well. I like the pictures of Avebury they are really beautiful. Then again it is a really beautiful place. You falling in the mud was absolutely hysterical. Sorry I shouldn’t laugh at your misfortune should I. So hope life and work are going well. Life here is good. We had a party last night and everyone got very drunk. I was ok but Laura and Lucy were both sick and Laura is still recovering at 3:30. Crazy! I on the other hand have to write essay which is difficult when you have a headache like I do :-) I think probably smoking that shisha (ok I probably spelt that wrong but it’s approximately the idea) did not help any of us. It was a good party though. Lucy and Matt had most of it though as Laura and I are not big on smoking anything. So yeah thats pretty much an update on all the excitingness of my life. School is still good. Struggling through all my subjects and trying to do more than the minimum level of work needed. Yeah sorry this comment is riduculously long and has absolutely no connection whatsoever to your entry. Anyway hope all is good. Speak soon.

  2. I noticed that you quit updating for at least a week. If you only had more time in the day to accomplish what you need to…

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