6 thoughts on “Koukelkasan says…

  1. Francis:

    It is time to get your hair styled and a shave.

    You are not an out-back hick, but a NYCity-slicker!

    Go to Joseph’s Hair Salon on 7th Ave. and get yourself cleaned up.

    What do you expect us to say or think? Not good for your business.


  2. word to the “woke up under a bride next to a mongrel” look!

    not shaving is fun. it means no ingrown hairs, no razor burn, and less time to dedicate in the morning!

    sure, my parents end up calling me either a caveman or manyard g. krebs, but my girlfriend/partner is definitely a fan of the facial scruff! (doesn’t meand i’m not shaving the rest of me…)

    but yeah, hooray for letting the follicles run wild!

  3. hahah, word man :)

    i’m not posting a picture because basically i look like a twig with some moss growing on one end.

  4. Oh yeah, I’ve forgotten about shaving. When one is stuck in bed for a week with a fever/flu combo, personal hygene tends to get optional.

    According to my doctor, sleeping in the same clothes for five days and not showering for three of them is not recommended. As to what I look like, I have no idea, since I began avoiding mirrors last weekend.

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