I hope I get to say a little more later (I have to goto bed now). But I’m leaving for England in less then 20 hours. I’ll be away from the 27th to the 12th. So.. I’ll see you around. =)

6 thoughts on “England

  1. i was wondering if you had left yet…

    but, i guess so.

    well, have fun. have a happy new year..

    talk to you when you get back.

    send post cards or somethign..

  2. :o

    If you run in to any trouble let me know dude, I have a lot of family and friends who will help you out there.

    have fun :)

  3. Updated kvetch: You never email, you never post to the blog. Don’t they have modems in GB?

    Seriously, we hope you are having a good time. Nick wanted to phone and wish you a happy new year but we don’t know where you are at any given time. So have a happy one.

    Miss you, Love,

  4. I’m here and safe and sound and yes they have modems they’re just slow. On top of that the £ key is where the @ should be. So I’m finding my self in a bit of trouble.

    Mike I really apriciate that, there’s a chance I’ll have an angry scottish boy trying to killy me (without good reason I assure you) in about a week so some backup would be nice. ;-)

    I’ve seen a few sights so far but you’ll all have to wait on pictures. I can barly load pages much less upload photos.

    Hope all is well and that your new years were enjoyable and I’ll see if I can’t do a propper update sometime.

    Be well.


  5. You better be taking many pictures…I miss my CF card so you better be making good use of it. Everyone here misses you and hopes your having fun.


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