Black Friday

Please everybody do your part today on this black friday and stay home away from retail stores. To my friends in retail good luck today, you’re going to need it.


(Who’s off to work at the food co-op because its the busiest shopping day of the year.)

2 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. yeah. bleh

    thanks for the warning… although black friday i must have willed all the customers to stay away because we made 10,000 less than our plan and didn’t make any of our goals. and since the other stores in the district did, it was obviously only we a problem we had.

    and this thanksgiving, i am thankful for bad buisness….

  2. Oh man Friday was the worst at LAzeraprk. Not only did they recently fire two people that work the weekends but 2 people didnt show up,understaffed on the black friday sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!

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