So I’ve been talking about being a robot for halloween. And I’m still with it.

I can go a generic robot, like from the video. I can even protest. But this morning I had a thought that I should go as one of the these 3 below.


The RED ROBOT or Clango

Now I like the RED ROBOT a lot, but Clango is adorable. But even better, Bender likes to drink a lot of beer and has this hatch thing going on.

It’s a tough call.

7 thoughts on “Robots

  1. tee hee hee. i dunno, i still like the idea of a tetris piece.
    and you did promise me last year that you would be my eddy ;)

    but, i think the best would be if we do go to bill’s, we coudl be the bag brothers three…


    Winner is you!
    plz be red robot omg lollers11!21!

    plus, it’d be a relatively easier costume to make than either bender or clango…so thinks I!

  3. I don’t have anything to add to this conversation. Well nothing polite at least but I am bored and procrastinating from writing my History essay. Oops. 2000 words for Monday on a part of History I have never studied and we haven’t got to in the lectures yet. I have my conclusion I just have to back up my argument now. This could take a while. Laura is out with Darlo David one of her many male admirers hehe its funny. I might go home with her this weekend that could be cool. Ahhhhh I have such a headache. I am tired too oh well the Glorious Revolution here I come. Oh the extensin is 52034 if you ever want to call. Talk soon. Hope life is well. Night.

  4. and i love sarah!

    what are you up to?
    how’s everything?
    why don’t i just freaking call you sometime rather than being a total jerkass?
    why is the sky blue?
    who’s the man behind the curtain?
    these questions and many more may be answered, although possibly not, after these messages from our sponsors!

  5. hehe..

    seems like i am not the only one who comments here because they are procrastinating writing a paper ;)

    alex, don’t worry abou tit. i always forget to call too. i am probably more of a jackass :P
    but, i am going to get my schedule from work today, if i am not closing on wednesday night i will call you for some diner time wednesday… but, we’ll see… maybe i shouldnt be posting this at francis’s website and instead be telling you..but, meh. :P


    good day everyone.

    you going to bring your robot costume to PA?

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