Ok guys

I’ll keep my dishes clean when you get here, you make sure they’re clean when you leave.

Otherwise you can bring your own.


3 thoughts on “Ok guys

  1. err….

    sorry about the mess?

    heheh… last time we were at bills we left a huge huge huge massive mess on a friday night. saturday we went boating and i ended up in the emergency room… (just so you remember which time this was..)

    anyway, monday morning i was back at bill’s apartment after sleeping at melissa’s.

    i cleaned up that disgusting mess. that pina colada turned brown and shot glasses sticky mess…

    i thought it was funny, but it should have been cleaned up before we left on saturday…

    ummm. in conclusion, i look good in red?

    i don’t think i ever left a big mess at your apartment… i tend to have to do dishes for people in my dorm. well, i have to clean their glasses out the next day. or week. whenever i get to them. it would be nice to have a kitchen.

    ya see, now i am just procrastinating writing my paper. and i am kinda hungry…

    i’ll meet you at liberty in 15 minutes. they close in 11.

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