10 thoughts on “My arm hurt

  1. what kind did you use? my dad says that neosporin is bad for you and he never recommends it….

    just so you know…

  2. Its healing up nicely. I got it from someone who need to cut their nails.

    I’m using “Triple Antibiotic Ointment” with Polymyxin B Sulfate, Bacitracin Zinc, and Neomyclin Sulfate. Its Kirkland Signature brand strait from our favorite wholesalers Costco.

    Neomycin sulphate is the active ingrediant in Neosporin. According to some random website with drug information the major side effect is “Sensitisation or allergic reactions”. It also increases the effects of muscle relaxants and stuff.

    Anyway – what does Dr. DuBow say?

  3. basically that, he said that it is very likely to cause allergic reactions. its safer and better to use bacetracin.

  4. That is so close to being spam but its not.. because I know you.

    I’m not having any allergic reactions so I’m cool with neosporin, this time!

    And Matthew McOstill likes to troll. Not that I mind.

  5. matt costill needs to comment more often and less annoying…

    and its my own fault for sending him the link of your arm :P

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