Masison Robots

To any of my friends thinking of going protesting against the republican national convention I just have one thing to say.

You better go dressed like this.

Madison Robots

And for the quick minded – yes I’m trying out’s distributed mirroring project, I’ve quickly learned that if that link hasn’t been clicked on for a while the first person who does will get the movie dam ass slow. If for some reason years from now that link doesn’t work or you want to see the movie fast, just remove the part of the link.

Also remember that screaming car commercial? My bandwidth got hosed the first few days that was around. I never had so many hits over some stupid video. I hope some of you stayed around for my quick wit and catchy banter ;-)

(Before my friends start, shut the fuck up.)


3 thoughts on “Masison Robots

  1. you !

    it was you who gave me that car commericial!

    i forgot who gave it to me! i forgot actually downloading it!

    i found it on my desktop a while ago.. and i was like.. where did this come from? i dont remember downloading this.. where did it come from??

    and then i watched it.. and jumped 10 feet in the air.

    so, what did i do? call my sister in and make her watch it without telling her what it was just so i can scare her too :P

    have a lovely day…

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