Another amazing part of science because of Star Trek

Transparent Aluminum anyone?

In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home gives some poor misguided engineer the molecular formula for transparent aluminum in trade for some Plexiglas, so they could make a tank to steal a bunch of wales.

And now they figured out a way to make glass out of aluminum oxide. And apparently if you really wanted you could do the same with many other oxides.. or metals… read the article and find out which.

I just thought this was really cool.

UPDATE: Aluminum is not Aluminum Oxide. It’s… not exactly a metal. But its stronger then regular glass. Its still cool.

And did anyone hear that someone just stole The Scream? Some guys just walked into Sweden (well a museum there anyway) and took it.

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  1. someone stole the scream??!?

    thats so sad.

    i wonder if its the same people who stole that salt holder last year…

    um. i know what i am tlkaing about. and i will get back to it..

  2. VIENNA, Austria (Reuters) — Police said on Sunday they were investigating whether a priceless golden sculpture snatched overnight from Vienna’s art history museum was stolen to order.

    Police said the thieves smashed a window to get into the building and stole the solid gold piece from its glass display case without triggering the alarms.

    The 16th century “Saliera” (salt cellar) is considered “the Mona Lisa of sculptures”, the museum said. The 26 cm (10 inch) tall piece was the only remaining authenticated example of Italian master sculptor Benvenuto Cellini’s work as a goldsmith. “This is an art theft of gigantic proportions”, museum director Wilfried Seipel told Austrian television. “The Saliera was worth at the very least 50 million euros ($57 million)”. Police said they believed the Saliera was stolen to order, as it was the only art work taken. “The thieves climbed up some scaffolding to the first floor of the building, broke a window and climbed in. They shattered the glass display case, and took the sculpture”, a police spokesman told Reuters. “There were movement sensors all over the place — we are currently investigating why the alarm did not go off”.

    The theft was discovered on Sunday morning. Police said they had notified Interpol and would work with British, German and Italian police to try to find the treasure.

    picture here :

    article stolen from here:

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