New Teas to try

Chamomile with Lavender
Mint Earl Grey

I had a good time hanging out with Jenny and Jason and Caroline tonight. Tomorrow I need to finally clean up my floor and take care of all those little things that I have nowhere to put. And then at some point go see a play.


I want to write stuff, about people and things. And me. And I guess this is what a journal is for not a blog but… eh

Stuff happens, I think oddly sometimes (hey, we all have our moods, good, bad and odd), and its good to know you’ve got good people to turn to. =)


4 thoughts on “New Teas to try

  1. Fruit cake is usually bad but I make very nice fruit cake without cherries that is not all dark and stodgy so there. Sorry felt the need to say that. I’ll talk to you later, propably whether you want me to or not really :-P

  2. I thought jason left that last comment, thats what he keeps telling me. Its good tea you should try it.

    And Ellie I just never had good fruit cake.

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