Signs of love

“If I was beautiful, if I had the time…”

I was listening to Moby and thought “What would I do if I had the time?”

And then I realized that all I had to do to have the time was to make the time. I’ve actually been making a lot of time lately. (Doing a lot of work. But I’ll finish eventually.) I’ve been sleeping too, I know its late now but I’m about to sleep. I was wondering…

Well, Just finish this sentence for me.

“If I had the time I’d….”


14 thoughts on “Signs of love

  1. give andrew 20 bucks, play more COH, and write his autobiography.

    And have lots of money.

    And stuffed shells.

  2. I’ll take the pdf.

    Andrew your gonna give your self 20 bucks?

    I’d personally would… learn how to make my english sentence clearer by a lot, get in shape, run, consistently sleep at night, watch every movie in my netflix queue and share all the beautiful ones, clean my apartment, make jason put his cups in the fucking sink, fix my parents house, fix my parents, help nick, goto england, work on a farm, teach kids, –

    I’ve got a lot, I’m not done with life yet. I’ve only just begun.

    and mike your a prick :-p

  3. …I would do more volunteer work, have longer meditation sessions, devote more time to searching for truth, think more, read more, write more, devote more time to friends and family, bow more, learn shaolin kung fu or tai chi or some martial arts, cook more, learn to play musical instruments, find (or found) a sangha for agnostics who practice dharma, wander around the city, visit the park, go hiking and jogging, sleep more, smile more, get a job maybe…

    Mike, I’d like that PDF, too. =]

  4. no you fools, he said finish the sentence *for him*, thus, I am telling him to give me 20 bucks, play more COH, and ghostwrite my autobiography. I have stuff to do, so I obviously can’t do it myself.

    come on, people, can’t you read directions? and francis, you have no excuse. You wrote the directions.

  5. ‘Do what I mean, not what I say.’

    As a human, I recognized the implication and decided to comply because I felt like it.


    I _do_ admit to being a fool, though I think I am for different reasons than what you suggested, Andrew.


  6. No wonder the pdf is so large its all images of the text. Man what would I give for someone to have OCRed that shit.

    Looks like a good manual I’m gonna read it. I just wish I was back at University where I could print it all with out as much of a blink.

    add “be in shape” to my list

  7. getting in shape is fun, at least for me
    lifting free weights is very good and also you should take up sweeping :)

    the front of my house is damn clean now. KILEI DESUNE!

  8. Its fun for me too, its just work, and soo much time.

    You inspired me though =)

    Bathroom mopped, kitchen, bed room, basement and living room swept.

    Never mind I have a dirt basement.

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