Random image from my Gallery

What’s this? More clutter on the side bar? Yes its a random image viewer! A random image from my entire gallery is chosen and displayed there!

Nifty eh?

I got to plan that side bar out a little, it’s a little confusing. Also the gallery was updated, let me know if anything is broken.


4 thoughts on “Random image from my Gallery

  1. hey remember when you did the random quote thing on BTHS. For some reason I remember that it didnt seem to be that popular.

  2. What are you talking about? People loved that block! We had entire forum threads on the quotes people (like me) put in there.

    It was only bad when I filled it with about 10000 qotes I found in a database somewhere, we decided it was better with fewer and more personal quotes from people in the club and stuff. *shrug*

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