So I saw the sleep doctor yesterday. He told me that I was fine. Five years ago I was told I had horrible sleep apnea and would need a cpap mask and I wouldn’t function right or sleep well without one. So now I’m being told that I “out grew” the problems. I snore a little, but only lightly (40% humans do) and it would only effect anyone sleeping next to me as I seem to sleep through it. He told me that couples who have a snorer end up sleeping on opposite sides of the bed and after time the other person could go deaf in one ear. But I don’t snore that loud. He says I can get part of my pallet lazered off if I want or I could just loose some weight (done and done). I haven’t been paying too much attention to my weight and its not bad, I’m also pretty healthy it seams so I’m not worried. I just need to exercise more.


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  1. I, OTOH have “life-threatening sleep apnea,” awkening 100+ times an hour (news to me)which can stimulate my fight or flight syndrone, raise cortisol and weaken my heart and blood vessels.

    Earplugs don’t help the snorer, they just make it quieter for the snoree.

  2. Do you really think I meant that earplugs help the snorer? Sheesh! I kinda thought that the physicians could prevent deafness by prescribing earplugs to the snoree.Anyway, who ever heard (to coin a pun) of anyone going deaf from their partner snoring?

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