Eternal Sunshine


One day I’ll watch the movie with someone and it will have the effect it should. I saw it in theaters a long time ago but that night my mind wasn’t really there. I didn’t get that fulfilled feeling, I wasted my time.

Thanks to Frank for buying me the soundtrack off my Amazon wish list. It’s good music for a dam good movie.


8 thoughts on “Eternal Sunshine

  1. is it just orchestra or does it have actual songs with lyrics on it? whats on it? you should edit this post with a link to the amazon site because i am lazy and dont feel like searchign myself…

  2. why don’t you ever comment back on anything… its annoying. i come back and check for answers. i get no answers…

  3. don’t you receive e-mails everytime i comment here? why don’t you pay attention :(

    maybe you are e-mailing my wrong addresses…
    damn it.


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