4 movies and a start of an addiction.

(I’m not going to review these movies. If you really want to know what they’re about click the links and read the reviews. In fact do that now so you have some idea what I’m talking about.)

Suicide Club is a stupid movie. I can honestly say it prevoked some reaction out of me. I ooooed and ahhhed when appropriate but I spent most of the time going “What the fuck?” and “Why’d she do that?”. The story.. is stupid and the director/screen writer forgot to finish the movie. He also forgot to remove a few failed story-lines that made no sense. The big thing is now that I can say I’ve seen it. Ohh and watch out for the opening scene where 50 asian schoolgirls happily throw them selves in front of a train. (I couldn’t even find this movie on IMDB)

Igby Goes Down is not a stupid movie. Unless you really really hate Catcher in the Rye. Its not the story of Holden Caufield its the story of Igby (his real name in the movie escapes me.) Igby is a very smart jaded 16 year old kid kicking around new york with no real purpose. Now don’t get me wrong Catcher in the Rye was not a life changing book in my opinion, it was a book about a depressed kid who made things up. But I still found it interesting. Igby (played by Kieran Culkin – who is a good actor) is quite likable and you end up caring what happens to him. If you’re still looking for a reason to see this movie maybe Claire Danes, Jeff Goldblum, Susan Sarandon, and Bill Pullman are good enough reasons. Apparently they all liked the script so much they volunteered to be part of it (with modest pay of course).

Bound (One of many movies with that title apparently.) is the Wachowski Brother’s first movie. You can see where the matrix comes from. Everybody is wearing cool looking outfits (usually leather) and everything is dark with a looming sensation. I kept cracking jokes about how things were “inevitable” and how things were people’s “destiny” I don’t think Sarah found them too funny though. WARNING This movie contains lesbians and the Mafia.

Kissing Jessica Stein is a funny romantic comedy about two of my best friends. Honesty it was a little scary watching it. Its a good movies overall and I liked it a lot, it was just ire that I knew the two main characters already. Ohh… WARNING This movie contains lesbians, New York City and Scarsdale New York.

In light of an ever growing “Hey I want to see that movie.” list I decided to try a free two week trial of Netflix. I’ve got 39 movies in my queue and 3 on their way to me. I’m going to be seeing every movie I’ve ever dreamt of seeing plus all the movies everyone has ever recommended to me. =D


6 thoughts on “4 movies and a start of an addiction.

  1. i thought they never said igby’s real name, but i am pretty sure he had the same name as bill pullman, he was a junior. i could be wrong thought.

    and it wasnt that i didnt like your comments about their destiny, you were just saying everything all wrong. to me, it was just that all the acting was very deliberate. i think saying it was their destiny is reading a little too far into the movie. destiny is a pretty big thing to fulfill and they never in the movie made reference to anyone having anything they needed to do to be fullfilled and that it needed to end a certain way.

  2. I have no idea what your thinking. But it sure will take a long time to receive, watch, and then send back all of them. Even if I send them back the same day I receive them (assuming I get one in the morning watch it and send it off in the afternoon) and keep them rotating one per day (with the max of 3) it would still take me 240 days total.

    Wow… I need another netflix account or something. :-p


    BTW I am not an engineer, Nor am I taking any Engineering classes! But your point is taken.

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