3 thoughts on “How do you do work?

  1. Put the pencil on the “paper.” Shut down your computers unless you need one to do the work. (That also means AIM.)Don’t listen to music. Clear your desk except for what you need for that work. Realize that there are things you have to do whether you like them or not. They are the means to the end. In the end, you can do whatever you want. Once in a while think about what kind of future you want. You are creative, but your have to be able to get your foot in the door. I assume that you would want to create your own ideas rather than develop those of others. cya

  2. The first step, even a little one is the most important. I like the idea of first outlining steps- just jot down a quick list, but make them achievable chunks.

    Having enough sleep, decent food and exercise helps as general background. But even with all that you need to take the first step.

    I go somewhere where I don’t have computer or any distracting responsibilities and can just focus. A decent light, a table and chair, without other distractions makes a difference. This means not working at home for the most part- I can only do that when I am deep in a project.

    And forget working on a computer with internet, AIM, music or distracting screensavers. If I need to work on a computer, I email or download my files to my laptop, then take it away from my internet connection to a quiet place. Otherwise I can kill 3 hours checking my email without half blinking.

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