No lights

I’ve got a lot on my mind but I’m not sure if I should say it all. I mean I could probably rant for a minute or two and the only person I really want to read it would only respond with a condescending remark. It sucks when you’re pissed off at someone and they think its nothing.

I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos but still no gallery (quit complaining I don’t feel like it right now). You can find them here;

Look for my Canada, Blackout, and Around Park Slope, collections.

I leave you today with a photo from the black out.



2 thoughts on “No lights

  1. Don’t worry its not you. I guess I’m not even really that upset. But… I dunno I guess the little stuff should add up right? I *am* sick of it, but nothing has been big enough to warrent me getting really angry or snapping back (wich would show my objection and hopefull deture any further actions) so I’ve done nothing except mention it a few times and get shot down. “Oh you over react to much.”


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