Ghost World

I’m not sure what to say about this movie. Here let me link you first.

These two girls. They graduate high school (well sorta). One of them gets a job, an apartment, starts to do things with her life. The other just gets confused. But it’s not like she’s doing nothing with her life. Its just she doesn’t like where she is or what she’s doing. She’s just sorta floating while life pulls her in all sorts of directions. And in the end she doesn’t conquer her problems or find direction in life, she runs. Its too late to figure this all out.

Image stolen from the official movie site.

Credit goes to my little brother for recommending this film to me. Many times. Seriously he loves this movie. Its #1 on his list. He showed me.

4 thoughts on “Ghost World

  1. francis !!

    she just an irresponsible, immature teenager.
    i cant believe you like that movie. that girl is borderline, narissistic, and bipolar.
    she leads on that old guy and is mean to him. looks down on him. she is an unreliable friend to that girl. she looked down on everybody and thought she was better, yet had low self esteem. (thats narristic personality disorder )
    she doesnt want to take responsiblity in actually having a job.
    she wants to sell all her crap, then oh, poor her, doesnt want to part with it. (bipolar)
    she runs away from her problems. she cant deal with anything. she is a cardboard cut out of every angsty 15 year old, except she is supposed to be 18 and graduated from highschool.

    that movie was a chore to watch. sure, her “style” was cool and original, btu she was an idiot. all her decisions were rash and selfish. she was so selfish ! didnt you see that?
    she was stuck thinking everything would just happen for her and she wasnt going to take responsiblity for anything.

    she ends up leaving all her problems and never dealing with anything.
    great lesson at the end there.


    im not surprised you liked it.

  2. Hahahaha!

    Its really great to see Franic blasted on his own site. And BTW, Fran, she has a very good point. Its a good movie, but in the way that Platoon or American Psycho are good movies. You can’t honestly say that you enjoyed what you just watched.


    Anyway, when are you going to fix the goddamn gallery?

  3. Let me quote something I never said. “I like this movie.” Something else I never said too. “Its a good movie.” I do recall saying that I don’t know what I think about it. I do recall you having several extreme knee jerk reactions to the mention of it though.


    (How the hell did this franic thing get started?)

  4. the weird thing with that movie is: where the hell did she go in the end, and how the hell the bus can be there? i mean, she said to the guy who waited there everyday that no bus will stop there EVER! and the guy was just gone one day, and how the hell is that?!
    well, that’s why i’ll watch it again. to get what the story means.

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