Go watch Martin Scorsese's "Hugo" based off the book "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" by Brian Selznick. Don't however watch any trailers or pay attention to any advertising. Whoever was in charge of marketing this movie screwed it up royally....


Good umbrellas are rare. Today I was coveting the BLUNT MINI. An umbrella that will probably never break and satisfies my inner engineer. It's designed to have a low wind profile, mitigate the risk of poking people in the eye,...

The Feynman Series - Beauty - Honors - Curiosity

I've been reading a lot about Richard Feynman lately. I found this breathtaking. I love how this man looks at the world. It makes me so happy.

On Investigative Journalism

I was listening to some dam fine journalism the other day. Don't see the player? Try their website. Ira Glass of This American Life spent a few weeks in Glynn County, Georgia investigating a "drug court" that seems to...

On charging money

(This post is for all you freelancers out there.) I got work consulting right out of college. I quit school. It was more giving up spending mtoney on something I wasn't happy with than not wanting an education. (Not to...


Herd these little guys on my way home the other day. No idea what kind of birds they are but they sure are loud. Good thing they're cute. They hung around a while and flew off. I saw them visit...


Your daily fortune

Your daily fortune: (917) 652-6846 (tron is brought to you by daft punk)

Long week

[caption id="attachment_1252" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Busted Lock and Bent Door"][/caption] It's been a long week. Everyone (even Alex) is OK. I wanted to thank everyone who's helped out and everyone's who's offered. We have amazing friends.