Recently I discovered Room to Read. It's a global non profit started by an ex-marketing director of Microsoft that creates schools and libraries in third world countries. It's run like a profitable business and expanding like one too. They're opening...

Freelancers Blues

Freelancers Blues: The thought that at any given moment, at any given day, you could be working. -Francis Gulotta

Design is about supplying Intent

"Design is about supplying Intent." -John Hockenberry's Dad This short talk has had a profound change in my thought patterns.


[caption id="attachment_1378" align="aligncenter" width="600"] AT&T NOC[/caption] I can't imagine that the big screens are that helpful, but they are cool.

three kinds of days

I split my week into 3 kinds of days - intention, attention and ascension - purpose, focus and the climb. -John Jantsch

Value of information

The value of a piece of information is proportional to the chance that you will act on it times the benefit of acting on it.-ejames

I'm going to be cross posting my tech related posts over at On one hand I want a separate place for my advertised work in the tech community and on the other hand I don't trust Tumblr. Something about...

Team Cards

A friend of mine recently made some really nice personal business cards on Crazy nice printing, nice thick stock, large high quality photo, double sided. I feel like Patrick Bateman just thinking about it. I decided to make a...

SNMP Behavior Wishlist

From my few years of working in a NOC I've seen a lot of stupid behaviors from devices in regards to monitoring and notifications. Here's my current list of gripes. I wish your app, monitoring product and/or device would take the...

Life in the NOC

As you may know I work in a Network Operation Center or as my business card says "THE NOC". What is life like in the NOC? My team is responsible for monitoring a large number of hardware devices (Are they...