A little update

I decided that the main roborooter page was temporary and should go away. I've also discovered that while all my information is intact (thank god) the new drive still has some problems. So tonight I'm transfering all its information onto...

No! I'm not ready to go live!

Today roborooter is going live. Its not currently live (because it still looks like crap and has links to people I don't know) but later today when things improve you'll be able to see it in all its failing glory....

Ugh! I hate these colors!

I hate these colors. Anyone with a good scheme that they think might work here let me know! Send it to wizard@roborooter.com because the other option is me fooling with hex numbers untill I go color blind.You understand. 8-) -Francis...

News Engine Online

As site updates continue, and as the transition from Koudelka's wonderful site finishes up, I figured I might as well have my own news.Enjoy! -Francis