The REST Dialogues

My favorite "exclusive nine-part dialogue with an imaginary eBay Architect" on REST architectures.

Technology breaks

"Technology breaks, it aint good, we don't look forward to it, but technology breaks. What happens next is what matters, how you escalate it." - Thomas Joyce Knight’s Joyce Says "All Hands on Deck" After Error at 5:16 This comment...

Flat sorting graphs

This is really cool. Shows how different sorting algorithms work. Visualising Sorting Algorithms

Classified ads the backbone of Democracy

This post has been a long time coming. Its intent is to convey an idea. The idea is that we need investigative journalism to have a productive government. The problem is that we've lost the funding for investigative journalism with...


Recently I discovered Room to Read. It's a global non profit started by an ex-marketing director of Microsoft that creates schools and libraries in third world countries. It's run like a profitable business and expanding like one too. They're opening...

Freelancers Blues

Freelancers Blues: The thought that at any given moment, at any given day, you could be working. -Francis Gulotta

Design is about supplying Intent

"Design is about supplying Intent." -John Hockenberry's Dad This short talk has had a profound change in my thought patterns.


[caption id="attachment_1378" align="aligncenter" width="600"] AT&T NOC[/caption] I can't imagine that the big screens are that helpful, but they are cool.

three kinds of days

I split my week into 3 kinds of days - intention, attention and ascension - purpose, focus and the climb. -John Jantsch

Value of information

The value of a piece of information is proportional to the chance that you will act on it times the benefit of acting on it.-ejames