Finally... Fixes

It's been too long. I've finally gone and patched the broken mark-up. I've learned a lot about stylesheets since I first made this old design. This sure brings back memories. =) -mecha, still a student

Back... well no.

I'm not really back yet but I have the pics all in one unsorted folder. It's about 500 or so... I'll have them organized and the crapshots removed later this week. (Also a few more were added to the mess...

Off to Otakon

I'm going to Baltimore to attend Otakon. Should be fun. I'll have plenty of pics, but unfortunately my camera's charger broke. =( Fortunately I know how to fix such things and I built myself a new one. =) (I'm going...

New News.

I updated the pictures script so it now makes uniform sized thumbs. I also got a new camera, so if your a thug in your mid twenties, live in Cali, and would like a camera, you might want to keep...

Guess What!

I just decided that I am going to devote my life to knowledge and people. Thank you. -Francis


Someone told me recently that I should write down all my rants and raves about life and things I've figured out. (I normally just go and tell a whole bunch of people until I lose interest.) I just might. Also...


I fixed the pictures script, it should now properly generate thumbnails. -Francis

Wow It's Been A While

I don't know what to do with all this. Its a testimonial to all we've done and all we've accomplished. I don't think I'll get rid of it but, it needs a place... Maybe I'll start a museum on


I have fixed the logout bug. Rather someone named nocha found the problem and brought it to my attention. =) Look for full integration of php-nuke soon. -Francis