Guess What!

I just decided that I am going to devote my life to knowledge and people. Thank you. -Francis


Someone told me recently that I should write down all my rants and raves about life and things I've figured out. (I normally just go and tell a whole bunch of people until I lose interest.) I just might. Also...


I fixed the pictures script, it should now properly generate thumbnails. -Francis

Wow It's Been A While

I don't know what to do with all this. Its a testimonial to all we've done and all we've accomplished. I don't think I'll get rid of it but, it needs a place... Maybe I'll start a museum on


I have fixed the logout bug. Rather someone named nocha found the problem and brought it to my attention. =) Look for full integration of php-nuke soon. -Francis


(For news relevant to Brooklyn Tech look below.) Even the Mafia is pitching in to help the city. Carmine Agnello, jailed John Gotti son-in-law and convicted racketeer, offered Mayor Giuliani the use of a $6 million shredding machine yesterday to...

Chancellor Levy strikes again

NOTE: This information was changed at 8am on Thursday, September 20th 2001. In the next room right as I type this, my father, who is co-president of the Tech PTA, is yelling at someone about how Tech is being screwed....