I've got power! More later.

Sorry for the short notice

Sorry for the short notice but I'm going to family camp for the weekend. I wish you all a good weekend. -Francis

Let's talk about our problems.

All right I'm watching some stupid TV show on MTV. Road Rules. Like almost every other reality show out there they have the people talk about each other on camera after each event. I figure that if they didn't analyze...

Time to go back to school

Time to go back to school! Who's with me? In other news I commonly confuse the numbers 2 and 3. But in context it doesn't really matter anyway. -Francis

Mysterious And Reassuring

Why do I feel like instantly crying when someone is hurt or lost on television or in the stories I read? I feel like crying out when someone is about to do something stupid. "He's wearing a wire!" when Tony...


I'm going to change the site some more but for now I got it up and running. Enjoy.

I got to say something.

I was watching episode 3 of the Sopranos. Six minutes and thirty six seconds into the episode I hear. "Get kicked out of concert singers and there goes our best extra curricular" "Good bye Berkley hello Glassboro State." What's the...