Jason is the motherfucking man

(Sorry kids get your parents permission before reading my title, or going outside, or enjoying life.. yea!) So jason has created a masterpiece. Wizardcomputing.com validates perfectly! Props man, props. -Francis

Did they really?

I would like to thank "Wild Bill" for this statistical information. P E R C E N T A G E S O F I N T E R N E T U S E R S G E N...

In 2.4 Linux Kernel code

In drivers/char/rio/list.h /* ** Will God see it within his heart to forgive us for this thing that ** we have created?

Firefox Devtools

Am I posting these links because I don't have an easy way to copy them to my other computer? or am I posting them because they are really usefull web development tools for firefox? *Shrug* Web Developer ColorZilla -Francis


Hey everybody! My first real advert for my business! Small Town Brooklyn -Francis

Yea... what the fuck?

I had a nice little vacation this weekend. I drove down to Rowan and left all of brooklyn behind. I even turned off my cell phone at one point. I don't usually do that. But you know... I should more...

I figure I'm drinking 8 cups a water a day.

I know they say that's the recommended amount of water to drink. Unless I'm strongly miscalculating I doubt that's a realistic amount. I figure most people only drink maybe 4-5 cups a day. Even with all the water I'm drinking...

Is it just me?

I think that random image block keep showing me scary photos. oy Oh and another scary thing, I saw 40-50, 14-16 year olds running wild on a subway platform while 2-3 of them duked it out. The amount of yelling...


So you know those end of the world guys? Well they're a lot richer now. (Thanks to MacHall for pointing that out.) The only think I don't get about that shirt is why when your hot you don't want sweat....