Black Friday

Please everybody do your part today on this black friday and stay home away from retail stores. To my friends in retail good luck today, you're going to need it. -Francis (Who's off to work at the food co-op because...


Happy thanksgiving everyone. Holidays normally give me a weird vibe, just seem sorta fake. But they're what you make of them so this year I want to give thanks. Thank you. Like... I couldn't name everybody or everything. But if...

Thank you Toni

While a few of my friends have copies of Amelie and some don't even know where they came from they assure me it's not my copy. So I get a phone call this morning from my good friend Toni, She...

Who has my Amelie?

It's gone, I don't know who has it. It's a good dvd (double disks box set iirc) and an even better movie. And it can't be argues that Audrey Tautou isn't perfect for the role of Amelie in Amelie. Whatever...


With the slip of my finger I destroyed my gallery. And due to some freak backup problem (Test your backups!) which I have yet to solve, I don't have all the photos backed up. Fortunately (and this is going to...

Jason is the motherfucking man

(Sorry kids get your parents permission before reading my title, or going outside, or enjoying life.. yea!) So jason has created a masterpiece. validates perfectly! Props man, props. -Francis

Did they really?

I would like to thank "Wild Bill" for this statistical information. P E R C E N T A G E S O F I N T E R N E T U S E R S G E N...

In 2.4 Linux Kernel code

In drivers/char/rio/list.h /* ** Will God see it within his heart to forgive us for this thing that ** we have created?

Firefox Devtools

Am I posting these links because I don't have an easy way to copy them to my other computer? or am I posting them because they are really usefull web development tools for firefox? *Shrug* Web Developer ColorZilla -Francis


Hey everybody! My first real advert for my business! Small Town Brooklyn -Francis