Sarah got a new camera

My good friend Sarah got a new camera the other day. It's really neat. It's tiny, fast, has loads of features and kicks the crap out of my camera by far. I'd really like to get a new one eventually...

Christmas Day Party

My mother and I just came to the conclusion that all our jewish friends come to our christmas day party. =) Food has no religion apparently. -Francis

Papa Johns

Google Search Sarah pointed this out to me (she wanted some pizza) and I think it's wonderful. =) -Francis

All I Want

Or Try Seventeen as it also goes by is an alright movie. It started kind of odd. "Jones" our protagonist played by Elijah Wood is a 17 year old kid who's just arriving (alone) to college. He takes one look...


My friend Yana left a few months ago (2 I think) to goto California. Well the other night I got a text message. Not only did she make it to California, but she got a dog. (Hopefully named Kerplunk.) She's...


I don't get my haircut a lot, nor do I shave often. So by popular request here's me. I also had some other photos on the camera. I stuck them up in a gallery. -Francis

Fighting Insomnia

The Onion is hardly ever correct, not on purpose anyway. Fighting Insomnia linked to me by Jason. "Insomnia the chronic inability to fall and remain asleep affects roughly 20 percent of American adults. Here are some tips to get a...