Dr. Peper of Rotterdam

Jackie Chan's movie Who am I? is one of Jackie's best. Now mind you.. he makes bad movies, but they're a lot of fun. I'd pick this one way over something like The Medallion or The Tuxedo. The best part...

Mc Frontalot in NYC

Wednesday May 11th, 2005 MC Frontalot will be playing at The Slipper Room located right here in New York. Directions "We're big, we're pink and we'll be on your right." MC Frontalot is an indy rapper who spawned the Nerd...

Thursday baseball game

This past weekend I finally got out of the house and got to have some fun. I've been working.. a lot. Thursday I went to a baseball game. I went to a baseball game not long after (with a little...


Pi to one million places.

Time slides on by.swf

I lifted this really nifty timeline flash from digg the other day. I could just sit and watch the seconds slide by. -Francis

Sweet Toys

There's gonna make a line of action figures based off of the "cult move" Napoleon Dynamite. Ever since that postcard link... I've been thinking about it.. Anyway, Two new albums. There's a sniping game my friend Andrew likes that features...


Sarah showed me some post cards. Some are really sad, but others make you smile because they're about guilty pleasures. You can send them post cards too.

From A perfect circle to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

From A perfect circle to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Lots of links to lots of music videos and lots of popups. Get them while they're hot. Warning Link has lots of popups. Only Internet explorer seems to get them though....

How good is your mind?

I got this link of off Digg today. But don't go there, it link to this other site, and I'll bet dollars to donuts that it's got popups and spyware and all the mess. Instead I'll recreate the "test" here....


Haha, april fools.