Gource output of one of my latest projects

Gource output of one of my latest projects from reconbot on Vimeo. I was reading this http://grahamweldon.com/blog/cakephp-a-visual-history-0-1-3-0 and got inspired to try it out on my own code. This is me (and my laptop who didn't have the user correctly...

The Technician

"You must be the change you want to see in this world." - Gandhi

The Union Forever Video

I found a video worthy of updating my very popular post on the White Stripes song, The Union Forever.

American Express and Security

This originally started as an email to some coworkers, but I think people here might find it more interesting. If you have an amex online account they limit your password to 8 characters and you can only use numbers and...

H2K2 - Email Hacking

I found my original post from two years ago on this subject. I didn't tell the story then, so consider this an update. ;-)

Haiti - 2010

This week Haiti was destroyed. Most of the country. Haiti not without it's problems before have now overnight lost about 100,000 people. To put it in scale that's over 50 times the number of people who died in hurricane Katrina,...

Steps to overthrow a country

I'll rewrite this post when I'm more educated. The heightened "random" security restrictions on air travel bothers me immensely. We can now more then ever be restricted from travel for any reason. I'm waiting to hear 3rd party candidates delayed...